Small Things with Great Love

Outfit of the Day: Whites, Denims and Canvas Shoes
My Life in New Zealand is pretty simple, you go to school, you go to work and spent countless hours in Le Internet. That's it. So you have to create your own little enjoyment. One of those is retail therapy and we have decided to cruise around Bay fair.
As what you all know, Filipinos definitely take their time seriously(sarcasm insert).  Planned to leave the house by 11 am but it takes us 2 hrs to figure some shizz & arrive in Bayfair exactly 1:10 pm. HAHAHA
The First Shop we drop by is Kmart. Coleen told me she haven't been to Kmart for 3 yrs now. I know i sound like i make a big fuzz about Kmart. But cmon, have you all notice New Zealand  Shops?! they rip you off big time and the quality ain't that good either. Pretty much, Kmart has all the good bargains! ;)

we've spent 2 hours in Kmart fondling around  books ( Fifty Shades of Grey-Oooh sounds a bit cheeky! HAHA).  Playing with Kids toys (the amazing set of PlayDoh Molds) and checking out chocolates & truffles.   Lastly, shopping for clothes. We were opting for the basics this time, basic tank tops and basic tees. The problem was, too freaking many ! we were overwhelmed on how many types of basics were available. Black, white or Beige. V neck tees, round scoop tees, Shirts with pockets. Then Denisse ended up buying one item. Hahahaha

It's so hard to find a good foundation. You have to consider things like spf, right shade of your skin, type of skin (combo, oily or dry) and it's consistency. There's also lots of foundation out there. That's why,  I'm trying to start my journey in finding my perfect foundation (idk if that perfect foundation even exist hahahha). We found a really weird foundation, it looks like a ball of insect eggs. HAHAHA. 

And our venture around bayfair continues.....

Glassons went all out with Denim for their Fall Display

We had Indian Food for lunch and stop by Cotton On. All good vibes and smiles on our faces until we walk into Diva (accessories shop). The signs says "3 FOR 2" so we thought, it will be a great sale. Sadly, We had been mislead by the signs. I paid freaking $30 for just 6 items( mostly studs earrings)
If the Lady have told us before that last chance/clearance item ain't part of the sale, I could have save freaking $30 for some dress or some shoes. (urghhdkjf -___-). I am definitely a type of person who sticks to buying stuff under $20 (yeah i know, i'm a cheap skate!). 


Some of Lush Products that smells so good!
Moving on, We stop by tempt, glassons, jayjays & bling but nothing really caught my eye. Most stuff were last season and couldn't give a flying fudge skimming around rails of clothes after that misdemeanor. Lastly, we stop by Lush which has the ambiance of a spa salon. The Ladies in the shops were really good too. It was funny though how they think we blog about Lush products. We were laughing our ass off on how they think we were legit bloggers. HAHAHAHA.

Bus ride going to Coleen's House

After all that shenanigans and money spending, we end up chilling by the bay reserve in front of Coleen's house. It was relaxing and very gratifying. This kind of small things that makes me happy. I may not have all the money in the world but at least, I got the things which money can't buy. ;)) 


(PS: We are still new to Blogging Shizz so be understanding) 

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