Expect Nothing, Live Frugally on Surprise :-)

I. On Having No Expectations

HAPPY DAPPY 19th to me! Last teenage year ever.
EVER. @_@ Doesn't that seem so significant.

Have you ever had those moments where you cared so much,
stressed yourself out so much, that you just went BAH FUQ DIZ!

And so you go into "IDGAFF" (" I Don't Give a Flying Fruit" mode, to put it nicely)
Then you LET GO of all the things you planned in your head, then KABOOM!!!!!

that's when everything starts falling into place? O_O

For my 19th, I figured I'd go into my favourite defense mechanism mode
that does well to protect me and my best interests. I did not give as much
chocolate fudqe this year as I did last year.

I have great respect to those who make what they want truly happen. Those who dream at night
and wake up in the morning to go out there and turn their dreams into realities :-) I know quite a few of these passionate people. Inspiring bunch ;">

As for me and passive me, I was not able to make my 18th "debut" party happen. I mean hello?! Last birthday before going out into the "real world" as an adult. @_@ NIL. ZILCH. NADA. The last biggest bash I had that I invited a lot of people out was when I was 7 and our whole Grade 1 class was invited. Hosting recess food for the whole class back in Grade 1?! PO PU LARRRRR!~~ I felt left out that I did not have one. :0  but later understood that, "Hey... did you actually even wanted to have one anyway?" Then I thought about all the hassles..... (for me) in the end = NOP. Haha!


II. When you Let Go and Let Things Happen.

 Randomly planned dinner for me and ma not even friends, buttt my SISTAZ sisters :'D (JKS IM KIDDING THEY GONNA KILL MEE IF THEY REED THIZ i just made dat up). :)) over at "Lonestar" something different for us "Burger King" peeps! xD

Minimalist"attempt hahaha thanks to Nathalie && Margarette fo fixing my face LOL xD

I expected to look like Le Alipin (no. Hahaha. That is not even proper in any language). I came
straight from my Mental Health Placement and had no special "Birthday clothes" with me. Meh. That should be alright. But Margarette gave a dress and did my hair and Nathalie did my makeup and let me borrow her blazer and accessories... in short they dolled me up for me Le Especial (I gotta stop doing this) DAY!!!!

Closing my eyes I remember Nathalie doing my eye makeup and Margarette doing my hair, feeling like
a stray puppy picked up from a lonely street and resuscitated back to life by a trip to the Posh Puppy Salon!!!! :'D

I enjoyed our little slightly above average and miniscully posh dinner :)) We were all dolled up and looked all growned up HEHEHE! :) A change from our little fastfood treats. :)

Gifts I received: I think it's the most I've received in a while.. or ever. xD I got the cornbeef (alipin inside joke), Likas papaya soap (whitening soap for me because I was walking under the sun lots more lol), random sponges, a Billabong bag from mama, noise-isolating apple earphones from ate Cindy and Kuya Earl, Choc Pretzel from ate cindy, and........ 



Talking about me being an "incubator baby" hahaha!


Nathalie on Chess - "Prawns" 


Still on Chess "Prawns" :))

Just some plain and simple safe home fun xD

Dat Laugh

Banayad Whisky Ad

Posting this photo only due to amazement to the bokeh xD 

Gurl drinks it like milk :0 :))

 Wooo a photo with Margarette!! HAHA
 Sorry guys it's a blur xD


 Just pretty me

 SURPRISE IPOD TOUCH GIFT!!!!! :'(( <3 <//3
A new freaking iPod Touch!! :"> Thank you so much guys <3 (House got robbed twice last year so this is A rly rly rly rly omgwtfbbq rly big deal for meee :"D)

 Cute natnat, lipbiting margy HAHAHAHA xD

 Showing off me Pod T (lol iPod touch) siyempre from the heart yung gift ehh :"""D
tsaka from the wallets. HAHAHAHA


Ahhhhhhh thanking God for using the people around me to bless me! :")
One of the happiest birthdays in a while. :)

And so my new life formula :  Turn on IDGAF mode --> Watch what's gonna happen ;)))

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